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Protection Publications books and videos

350,- (FIM)

332 Pages

The Modern Bodyguard
The most complete book on the subject of Close Protection and training.Covering all aspects of the work being a bodyguard.

• Personal Security.
• The CP Team.
• Terrorist Tactics.
• Threat and Threat Assessment.
• Location Security.
• Travel Security.
• Vehicle Security and Searching.
• Embuslflebus Procedures.
• Route Selection and Reconnaissance.
• Vehicle Escort Procedures.
• Anti-Ambush Drills.
• Walking Drills.
• Bomb Awareness and Recognition.
• Weapon Selection and Handling.
• Emergency First Aid.
• Unarmed Combat and Fitness Training.
• Surveillance.
• Running the Control Room.

350,- (FIM)

313 Pages

STREETWISE is the complete manual of personal security & self defence. This manual is not another martial arts in jeans type self defence book. It combines the detailed concepts and procedures from the world of Executive Protection, with the very best of the physical aspects of self defence.

• Principles of Personal Security
• Awareness Training Systems
• Threat Pyramid
• Colour Codes
• Security on the Street
• Psychology of Conflict
• Fear and Adrenal Responses
• Perceptions and Fear of Crime
• Personal Threat Analysis
• Personal Security Procedures
• Home, Mobile and Office Security
• Conflict Resolution
• Self Defence and the Law
• Myths of Martial Arts
• Ranges and Tools
• Impact Development
• Wepons of the Body
• Knife Defence - Realities
• Multiple Attackers

Peter Consterdine, a 7th Dan Black Belt in Karate has over 33 years’ experience in practical martial arts.

Whilst a former Great Britain and England Karate International, he is also acknowledged as one of the country’s leading experts in self defence. As an International Security Consultant, Peter lectures world-wide on matters of Personal Security and Awareness.

A professional bodyguard and author of the leading work on the subject, ‘The Modern Bodyguard’, Peter brings his wealth of expertise of conflict and its managernent to ’Streetwise’.

As well as teaching on a consultancy basis at a National Police Training College, Peter also teaches defensive tactics to many other British Police forces.

The Pavement Arena series
(The Ultimate Selfdefense videos)