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X-ray interpretation

X-ray Screening is needed at Airports, seaports, heliports, customs, embassies, postal & courier companies, government buildings, diamond mines, high-tech facilities, mailrooms and other high security installations in various locations. X-ray screening is used to find Guns, IED, firecrackers, tear gas, knives, drugs, electronics, alcohol, cameras and other dangerous/prohibited goods.

We offer x-ray screening training in use of image enhancement, image interpretation, detection of prohibited items, hand to hand training with real x-ray machines, content profiling, standard operation procedures, live recognition of simulated/real explosives, weapons, sharp objects, suspicious item procedures and DGR.

We tailor our course to suit your needs, do not hesitate to contact us for more information concerning X-ray training. We train also in spanish.

Security Checkpoint

We do offer a complete security checkpoint training service for different clients and installations.

Course includes use of metal detectors, hand searching, luggage searching, communication with a client, searching a wheelchair, X-ray screening, standard operating procedures, reaction to threat and much more. We will tailor our course to suit your specific needs, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information concerning Security Checkpoint training. We train also in spanish.

Testing services

Testing is not only needed to point weak points on x-ray screening, it is a good way to keep x-ray screeners motivated to their work. Test pieces are used commonly part of reward schemes in many companies who do apply x-ray screening in their installations.

We offer testing and test pieces to be used on x-ray operator testing. Ask what we can offer for your installation. We have a working testing program from airports to mail rooms, we are sure we have a solution to suit your needs. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information concerning Testing services training. We train also in spanish.

Training Services

Finnish Security Projects Ltd provides training for security-professionals, corporations and private citizens. Some major corporations in Finland use our training services. We teach close-protection and courier training at Vantaa Vocational Institute.

Risk Management Services

We are specialized in personal and proprietary risk management. With properly done risk management audit, we are able to make recommendations to eliminate, reduce or deal with risks.